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31 January, 2022
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14 February, 2022

This year I’ve made a promise to myself to eat less sugar. This recipe of blueberries and lime mini pancakes is a good example. I tried it last week and I have to admit it was a complete success. I had enough dough to make 18 mini pancakes and they disappeared quickly as soon as Thomas saw them, because not only do they look appetizing, they are actually delicious!

I know it’s not easy to reduce sugar in your diet, so if you need some extra sweet, you may want to add half of a mashed banana to the dough.

Mini pancakes

I used blueberries on this recipe because I always have some in the fridge, it’s one of my favorite fruits. I’m totally addicted to them. I hope you like this recipe and decide to try it soon! Please don’t forget to tag me on Instagram so I can see your mini pancakes. 

Blueberry pancakes

INGREDIENTS for 18 pancakes

170 ml whole milk

130 gr wholegrain oat flour

One natural yogurt  

One egg

1 tsp yeast

Zest of one lime

Juice of that lime 

A pinch of salt 

Blueberries to taste  


Accompany with



More lime zest



Beat the egg in a bowl and add the yogurt, the lime juice, the milk and the zest. Mix well. Now, sift the flour and the yeast and add, little by little, to the bowl. Add the salt as well. Let it rest for at least 10-15 minutes.

Then, add some butter to a frying pan over medium heat. Use a tablespoon to pour the batter, which is how much you will need for a mini pancake.

When the top begins to lightly bubble, add 3-4 small blueberries and then flip it over and cook for 1-2 more minutes. Repeat for all pancakes.

Serve with more blueberries, lime zest on top, ricotta or anything else you prefer.

 Buon appetito e buona giornata! 


Do you prefer a vegan version? Click here.



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