18 July, 2021
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3 August, 2021

These cheesecake and lemon curd verrines are officially my favorite dessert this summer! And there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be your favorite too. It’s crunchy, it’s mouth-watering and the lemon curd -a British lemon cream- gives it that perfect touch of bitter that I love so much.  To prepare them, I went to Gadis Supermercados to get all the ingredients and on this occasion I chose a deliciously soft spreadable kefir cheese.



Another reason to love this recipe is that you don’t have to turn on the oven, so no heat, and it’s super quick to prepare. If you are craving something sweet or if you simply want to give someone a nice surprise, this recipe is for you. Let’s see how it’s done.


INGREDIENTS for 4 verrines

150 gr spreadable kefir cheese

50 gr unsalted butter

 30 ml whipping cream

10 Digestive-type cookies

Lemon curd to taste

Mint leaves, for decoration



Use a mortar of food processor to crush the cookies. Put this and the butter in a saucepan and mix thoroughly over medium-heat. Pour into the verrines and then place in the fridge, so they cool and become compact.

In a bowl, mix the spreadable cheese with the cream. Pour the kefir into the verrines and then add the lemon curd on top. Use the mint to decorate. Let them sit for about half an hour in the fridge and that’s it! Enjoy.



For the classic NY cheesecake click here  


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