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1 December, 2021
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I’ve made all sorts of toasts so it starts becoming a bit of a challenge to think of new ideas, but I finally came up with this edamame toast recipe! An original alternative to your typical toast and healthy option that is incredibly easy to make. Possible thanks to Gadis Supermercados.

 Have you ever tasted edamame? It’s become increasingly popular in Spain and you can find it today in most Asian restaurants as a first course. Edamame is the Japanese name of a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod, boiled or steamed in salted water. They have a very peculiar taste and I love having them smashed and combined with avocado, yogurt, oil and lemon.  

I hope you decide to try the recipe. Don’t hesitate to tag me on Instagram if you make it!



A big slice of bread

130 gr canned edamame  

65 gr mature avocado

3 tbsp Greek yogurt

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil  

The juice of half a lemon

A pinch of salt

Fresh coriander

Chili pepper flakes



Put the edamame beans, avocado in pieces, Greek yogurt, olive oil, salt, and lemon juice in the food processor and mix all the ingredients.

Then, spread on the slice of bread and place some fresh coriander leaves and some chili peppers flakes on top for a special touch.

Edamame toast is ideal for both breakfast or brunch. All its ingredients are super healthy too!


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