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26 June, 2021
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5 July, 2021

In an earlier post I spoke about how much I enjoy fruit bowls for breakfast in summer. Among my favorite bowls, definitely those that have pitaya (Dragon Fruit) or açai in them, so today I bring you a new recipe: a bowl with pitaya and Biocop’s spelt wheat flakes.  

Pitaya bowl

Have you ever tried spelt wheat flakes for breakfast? This was actually the first time I tried them and I absolutely loved the taste. You can have them as they are -straight out of the box-, with milk or in a bowl with fruits.

They are bio, healthy, and nutritious. I invite you to try this delicious combination and tell me if you like it.  Spelt flakes


Spelt flakes from Biocop (as much as you want)

3 big, red pitayas

Half a banana

50 ml (1,5 oz) water or coconut water  

One tbsp of honey

Fruit to taste on top



Clean and cut the pitayas and banana the day before, and put them in the freezer. The next morning, put the frozen fruit  in a blender with some water, or coconut water if you prefer, and the tablespoon of honey. Now blend for about two minutes at maximum speed or “smoothie”, if you have that option in your blender.

Serve in a bowl, then add some fruit, and the Biocop spelt flakes. Because we wanted a very colorful bowl, I added some kiwis and blueberries!




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