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21 September, 2021
29 September, 2021

As autumn draws near I feel like turning on the oven again, letting my imagination run wild and coming up with new and original ideas. On this occasion I decided to try potato waffles. We are all probably used to seeing them as sweet desserts, but I thought “why not try a savoury and healthy version?”. 

Savoury waffles

So I went to Gadis Supermercados and got down to work on this recipe, which is perfect for lunch but it’s also really nice for a brunch at home. I could make four rectangular waffles with these quantities. I ate a couple and left the other two for the next day. If you take the waffles out of the fridge a few minutes before eating, they’ll taste just as good as the previous day.

Go ahead and try this recipe, I promise it’s super easy. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, @carlotafarina, so I can see the results!

Potato waffles


250 gr potatoes

60 gr flour

25 gr unsalted butter

2 eggs

Salt to taste

Topping: Smoked salmon and chive



Steam the potatoes and let them cool. Peel them and mash them using a fork or a potato masher. Add salt to taste, the eggs and the flour. Melt the butter completely in a saucepan and add the mix. Combine everything thoroughly and ladle the mix into the waffle moulds, if you are going to use an oven, or into a waffle maker if you have one.

You’ll only need a couple of minutes if you use a waffle maker. Cook for 15 minutes at 150ºC if you are using an oven.

Serve with the smoked salmon and chopped chive.

Buon appetito!



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