26 July, 2021
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30 August, 2021

Today, I’m enjoying this excellent royal quinoa with cherry tomatos and cucumber, all from Biocop. This is a delicious summer treat with eco, seasonal ingredients. It could sound like just another quinoa salad, but normal and royal quinoa are in fact not the same thing. Do you know the difference?

Royal quinoa Biocop

The quinoa I’ve used in this salad is only produced in Bolivia, it’s tastier, bigger and it has a spongier texture. When cooked, the grain is more tender, which makes you dishes more delicious.



100 gr Biocop royal quinoa

200 ml water

Mature cherry tomatoes 

One medium-sized eco cucumber

¼ red onion

Fresh spinach leaves

Extra virgin olive oil

The juice of one lemon

Salt and pepper



Wash the quinoa under running water, put in a pan and roast it for a few minutes over medium to low heat. Then boil for 15 minutes. Let it cool.  Now, wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them into quarters, chop the onion, and cucumber. You don’t need to peel the cucumber, because it’s eco.

We’ll prepare the dressing mixing equal amounts of the lemon juice and olive oil. Then add salt and pepper to taste and mix until properly emulsified.

Now place all the ingredients in a salad bowl, mix, add the dressing and… buon appetito!

Time to enjoy your royal quinoa salad with cherry tomatoes and cucumber.


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