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14 December, 2021
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27 December, 2021

We all have some hectic Christmas shopping and stressful family gatherings ahead, so here’s an idea for a quick meal. This vegetable pizza by Biocop is a good and healthier alternative to all that excessive over-eating and constant cooking during the holidays which we all know can be extremely exhausting.  



Biocop spelt pizza base

Biocop fried tomato sauce with agave

Vegetables: broccoli, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

Some basil leaves



These pizza bases are so convenient because you can simply heat them in a pan. This is great when you have very little time. If you like your pizza dough crispy, though, you may prefer to use the oven. Bake it on a very hot tray or on a pizza stone for oven, if you have one.

Spread some Biocop tomato sauce with agave on top of the base and then add the vegetables, as shown in the photograph. I used broccoli, cherry tomatoes and some sliced mushrooms.

 Bake your pizza at 180ºC for 10 minutes. When it’s done, add a dash of olive oil, some herbes de Provence and some fresh basil leaves.

Buon appetito! 

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